Men and Carpal Tunnel

November 10, 2009

“After I used the gas powered weed whacker some of my fingers were numb for a few days.  I didn’t think much of it.  A couple of months later I noticed the same thing when I used the power drill for a long time.  I waited several months before I went in to see my doctor.  After a couple of quick tests he said it looked like carpal.”

Sound familiar? 

Don’t panic, there is a lot you can do to relieve Carpal Tunnel Symptoms without surgery.  A lot of people think that any pain in the hand is carpal, that’s not always true.   Numbness in your fingers that lasts for a few days then goes away can be an early warning sign of a repetitive stress injury, I know that you don’t want to but, go and see your doctor.  There are simple tests that can be done in the office to give you an accurate diagnosis.  Then you will know for sure and you can start treatment.

Carpal Tunnel Surgery is not your only option.  Depending on the severity of your symptoms, you should ask your doctor what options are right for you.

Often, you can do a lot to reduce the pain and discomfort without surgery.  Some Carpal Tunnel Treatment options include physical therapy, day time wrist splints, and night splints.   Ask your doctor what options are right for you.  Physical therapy (PT) can help some people but usually requires a doctor’s prescription.  If your doctor approves PT try to find an office that specializes in hand therapy.  It is a specialty but it’s worth driving a few miles more for.


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June 7, 2009

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