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3 Responses to “Hello world!”

  1. Welcome to NightWrest Says:

    Post your comments on our product, how it worked for you, other Carpal Tunnel support recources.
    Visit our home page at http://www.nightwrest.com


  2. Anna Says:

    This is a wonderful product for me because velcro splints almost ended my relationship. Now, if he is in the mood, I slip into a ‘disability free’ “evening with Nightwrest and since it is almost invisible, he doesn’t even notice! Thank you and for the women out there who know what I am talking about…try this.

  3. Lorina D Says:

    My first GOOD NIGHT”s SLEEP in weeks! Wow I just woke up from a fabulous nights sleep after wearing Nightwrest. My CARPAL TUNNEL on my right wrist has been so painful, and it kept waking me up and night. And I couldn’t wear that bulky splint my doctor gave me because it pinched! This doesn’t, I just put it on the back of my hand and wrist ( kind of like a giant band aid) and off to sleep I went! NO MORE CARPAL TUNNEL PAIN at night! Please renew my order!

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